Monday, August 8, 2016

Brain Snack

Lately I've been craving yogurt. Weird for me because normally I rarely eat yogurt. In fact I may have two nearly full containers that are out of date in the back of my fridge. 

When it comes to dairy, I am not a low fat or no fat fan. I like the full fat version! I'm much more concerned with the sugar than the fat. Do you know how hard it is to find full fat yogurt? However, as I scoured the various yogurts at Publix, I spied this by Organic Valley - full fat organic yogurt from grass fed cows. 

In my Restore My Soul plan for August I'm looking at ways I can combine foods that are good for brain health. 
This snack fits the bill. I'm not giving any measurements - just the combination I'm eating and greatly enjoying! I've also added links to articles on each ingredient and how it helps support the brain. This will explain why I've called it a Brain Snack. :) 

Honestly I was pretty excited about the article on yogurt and brain health! 
And just for fun, see if you can find the mention of "yogurt" in this Biblical passage. (Hint verse 21) 


  1. I too like Yogurt (set at home) The packed ones don't taste so good.
    Having it in the noon is better than having them in the evening/night.

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