Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some People, Some Paint and Finally Flowers

I'm not sure where the old mirror originated. I feel like I may have inherited it with the house twenty years ago! 
Maybe you've seen one like it - odd goldish plastery looking frame with an obviously older mirror. In mirror years, she would have been hiding her grays with box color bought with a coupon. 
When I was going through my paint everything in aqua chalk paint stage, she got a new color. Then I dropped her and cracked the frame and shattered the mirror. 
After that, I wasn't quite sure what to do...purchase a new mirror...toss the frame (I know. Can you believe I even considered that?!)...ask Husband to cut a piece of wood to fit. I chose the latter. 
So, I asked Husband and he said, "Sure thing, fancy wife!" To be transparent here...I think he just said something like, "Okay." And then he disappeared into the garage and a little while later, came back handing me an oval shaped piece of wood. 

For months, I stared at the empty frame hanging from a wire on my foyer wall. Remember the first time you ever heard a lady pronounce it "foy-YAY" when she was talking about the entry area at the church? 
After that, I hesitate to even say the word. Never mind my college degree in French and the second syllable is not to be emphasized like that! 

Last night I was toying with the idea of just painting the thing. If I made a mess...I'd just paint over it. That's the charm of acrylic paint. You can just PAINT OVER a mess or a mistake - kind of like using an eraser. 

So here she is! I think I like her. I did have to walk away for awhile as I was not totally feeling it. 
I laid her aside and went on to do other things. About the time I forgot she was just lying on the tile at the front door, I caught a glimpse of her. Love! 

That's the way it is sometimes...with people and with paintings - when it or they are right in front of your nose and you're focusing on some little part of the may not be too sure. Not too sure about this or them at all. 
But then, you go about your business and completely unaware, you see them in a new light. You see the whole and not just some minor part. And your heart beats a little faster and there's that feeling of love all over again. 

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